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Where can I buy tickets?
Tickets can be purchased on, through our SAGA Festival app for iOS/Android, or on the partner website
What is the maximum number of tickets I can buy?
Feel free to purchase a maximum of 8 tickets. The SAGA experience is always more enjoyable when shared with loved ones.
How many types of tickets are available for sale?
Currently, there are 4 types of tickets available: General Access for 3 days, General Access for 3 days under 21 years old, GA+ Access for 3 days, and VIP tickets for 3 days. Payment installment options and single-day tickets will be available soon.
When can I expect to receive the tickets?
After successfully completing the payment, you will receive an immediate confirmation email for your order and another containing the purchased tickets.
Is it possible to resell the ticket?
Reselling any ticket purchased through our platform or our partners is strictly prohibited.
Can I cancel or return a ticket?
No, canceling or returning tickets is not possible!
Is it necessary to print the tickets?
It's not necessary! Tickets can be presented in digital or physical format.
Can I buy tickets at the entrance?
Certainly, but tickets purchased on-site will have a higher price. We strongly recommend purchasing online from one of our authorized sources.
Is it necessary to have an ID with me?
Absolutely! You must have a valid ID when exchanging the ticket for the SAGA Bracelet.
What measures can I take to avoid scams?
To prevent ticket fraud, it is strongly recommended to exclusively purchase tickets from our platform or our authorized partner Please avoid buying tickets from unauthorized sources, as we cannot be held responsible for any issues arising from such tickets.
What is the minimum age to buy tickets or attend SAGA Festival 2024?
There are no age restrictions. Minors under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, while those aged 14 to 18 must provide a signed parental consent to access the SAGA premises. You must be over 18 to access the VIP platform or the area designated for GA+ tickets.
What is the interest-free installment ticket payment system?
The interest-free installment payment system allows for the payment of tickets in two or more installments.
Who can benefit from the installment payment of tickets?
All individuals and businesses, holders of a valid debit or credit card.
How quickly will the tickets be issued?
Tickets will be issued as soon as the buyer pays the full value of the tickets.
What happens if the buyer does not meet the payment conditions?
In the event that the buyer cannot or does not want to make the full payment for the tickets, they will be canceled.
What happens to the previous installments if the buyer does not make the full payment by the end of the specified period?
The value of the installments is non-refundable in case of failure to make the full payment.
Where can I exchange my ticket for a wristband?
You can exchange the ticket for the wristband at one of our swap points, at the announced locations or upon entry to the festival.
How many tickets can I exchange for a wristband?
You can exchange only one ticket for a wristband, your own, based on a valid ID and ticket.
What do I need to present when exchanging the ticket for a wristband?
You need to have your actual ticket in physical or electronic format, a valid ID, and a parental consent form for minors.
How many types of wristbands are there?
There are 5 types of wristbands: General Access for 3 days, General Access for 3 days under 21 years old, GA+ Access for 3 days, VIP for 3 days, and wristbands for single-day tickets.
Can I take the wristband off my wrist?
Inside the festival, it is mandatory to wear the wristband! Outside, you can take it off, but be careful not to lose it. Anyway, it looks cool, so it's a shame to take it off!
I won't be able to attend one of the days. Can I give my wristband to a friend?
No! It is forbidden to remove your wristband and transfer it to someone else.
What happens if I lose the wristband?
It's almost impossible unless you manually remove it. The wristband has a safety feature that makes it impossible to lose if properly secured on the wrist.
What happens if the wristband comes into contact with water or other liquids?
Don't worry, the wristband is waterproof.
Where can I recharge the wristband?
You can recharge the wristband at one of the top-up points, both with cash and credit or debit cards!
What happens if I have funds on the wristband after the end of the festival?
Don't worry, there will be refund options available at the event location and online.
How can I enter the festival?
You can enter the festival only through the designated area indicated for your wristband.
If I am a minor, do I need to be accompanied by a parent or a responsible adult for access to the festival?
Access is free for children under 7 years old. Minors under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, while those aged 14 to 18 must provide a signed parental consent for access. You must be over 18 to access the VIP platform or the area designated for GA+ tickets.
Can I film or take photos inside the festival?
Of course! We encourage you to capture your favorite moments and take plenty of photos. Don't forget to tag us when you post!
Can I bring professional equipment or drones for filming or photography?
No! Professional equipment or drones can only be used by accredited staff! However, you can bring a mirrorless camera.
How many reentries are allowed at the festival?
Two reentries will be allowed per festival day to reduce congestion in the access area and the discomfort of participants.
Am I allowed to bring a backpack or a pouch to the festival?
Yes, you can bring a backpack or a pouch, but they must not be larger than 29 cm X 21 cm X 12 cm.
Where can I get information?
Inside the festival, you can get information from strategically placed info points.
How can I navigate in the festival?
You can do this by using our map available in the SAGA app, website or on social media.
What happens if I lose something?
Go to an info point, maybe someone found it and left it there. Take care of your belongings!
Is it allowed to bring medicines?
Yes, access is allowed with prescription medicines, insulin, medical drops, asthma inhaler spray, only if owners present a medical letter or any other substituting document and in the maximum recommended daily quantity.
What items are prohibited in the festival area?
In the festival area, the following are strictly prohibited: any weapons, prohibited/hallucinogenic substances, drinks/food from outside the festival, and any objects that could pose a danger to your life or the lives of other participants.
Is there security?
Yes! In the festival area, we provide security through a qualified accredited partner and local law enforcement! During the festival, please cooperate with law enforcement and accredited partners in emergency situations!
How can I get to the festival area?
You can reach the festival area through the following options: Public transportation (Metro M2 Aurel Vlaicu Station, Tram number 5, Bus numbers 205, 301) / Ridesharing Apps / Electric Scooters / On foot (25 minutes walk from Promenada Mall).
Can I come to the festival by my own car?
Although we do not recommend it, you can do so. We do not provide parking for vehicles, and you must park outside the festival area.
How can I pay inside the festival?
In the festival, you can only pay contactless with the festival wristband, which you can top up at the designated points.
What can I eat or drink during the festival?
In the food truck area, you can find almost anything you desire, exceptional burgers, the freshest cocktails, and more!
Are there lockers?
Yes, there are storage spaces for participants outside the festival, right next to the access point.
How can I sign up as a volunteer?
Volunteer registrations will be available soon.
As a volunteer, do I get free access?
Free access as a volunteer is entirely free during the volunteer period.
How can I apply as a vendor at the festival?
Vendor applications will be available soon.
How can I get more information about volunteering or vending?
You can request more information about this by sending an email to

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