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For all your questions regarding SAGA 2024.

What is the maximum number of tickets I can buy?
Feel free to purchase a maximum of 8 tickets. The SAGA experience is always more enjoyable when you live it with your loved ones.
When can I expect to receive my tickets?
Upon successful payment, you will receive an immediate confirmation email for your order and another one containing the purchased tickets.
What measures can I take to steer clear of scams?
To prevent ticket fraud, it is highly recommended to buy tickets exclusively from our platform or authorized ticketing partner Please refrain from acquiring tickets from unauthorized sources, as we cannot be held accountable for any issues arising from such tickets.
Is it possible for me to sell my ticket?
Reselling any ticket purchased through our platform or our partners is strictly prohibited.
What is the minimum age to attend SAGA Festival 2024?
There is no age restriction. Minors below the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, while those between 14 and 18 years old must provide a signed parental agreement to access the SAGA grounds. You must be over 18 years old to access the VIP platform or the designated area for GA+ tickets.
Is it necessary to print the tickets?
No need! Tickets can be shown in either digital or physical format.
Is it possible to purchase tickets at the entrance?
Certainly, but on-site tickets will come at a higher price. We strongly recommend purchasing online from one of our authorized sources.
Is it necessary to have an ID with me?
Absolutely! It's mandatory to have a valid ID when exchanging the ticket for the SAGA Wristband.
I won't be able to attend one of the days. Is it okay for my friend to use my SAGA Wristband?
Nope! Removing your wristband and passing it on to someone else is not permitted.
How many types of tickets are available for sale?
Right now, there are 4 types of tickets available: 3-Day General Access, 3-Day GA Under 21, 3-Day GA+, and 3-day VIP tickets. Payment Plan options and day tickets will soon follow.
How can I get to the event venue?
You can reach the venue using the following options: subway, public transportation, electric scooters or ride sharing. We do not recommend using a personal car as there may be traffic restrictions, and designated parking spaces are not available.
What happens if I have remaining funds on the wristband after the event ends?
Don't worry, there will be refund options available at the event venue and online.
What items are prohibited in the event area?
On the festival grounds, the following are strictly forbidden: any weapons, prohibited/hallucinogenic substances, beverages from outside the event, and blunt objects that could pose a risk to your life or the lives of other participants.
What is the interest-free payment plan system?
The interest-free payment plan system offers the possibility of paying tickets in two instalments.
Who can benefit from the interest-free payment plan system?
All individuals and legal entities holding a valid debit or credit card can benefit.
What is the procedure for paying tickets in instalments?
Payment is made in two instalments: Instalment No. 1 in the amount of 75 lei (non-refundable) / Instalment No. 2 in the amount of 400 lei + fees, to be paid in a single instalment.
What is the deadline for payment of the second instalment?
The second instalment must be paid by June 10, 2024!
How long does it take for tickets to be sent?
Tickets are sent immediately once the buyer pays the full second instalment.
What happens if the buyer does not meet the payment conditions?
In case the buyer cannot or does not want to make the full payment by June 10, 2024, their ticket will be cancelled.
What happens to Instalment No. 1 if the buyer does not meet the payment conditions?
Instalment No. 1 is non-refundable, as it is considered a deposit, and in case of a lack of full payment, it will not be refunded!

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