Romaero, Bucharest

Bulevardul Ficusului 44
Bucharest, 013975

Romaero Airport’s address is Boulevard Ficusului 44, Bucharest. You can reach the venue by public transport (bus & tram station – 3 minutes walk distance, subway – 20 minutes walk distance). Get to know the area before you arrive!

If you do decide to travel to the festival on your own, please follow the directions below.

Public transport

Yu can also get to this venue by Bus (205, 301, 330) or by Tram (5).


The closest subway station is Aurel Vlaicu, located only 20 minutes walking distance away.


Venue address: Bulevardul Ficusului 44, Bucharest, 013975


Please rideshare or get by electrical scooters if possible. This will minimize the number of vehicles on the roadways and reduce travel time for everyone due to city’s heavy traffic.

Fuel Up

Even if we don’t recommend using your car, keep your eye on the gas tank! If you’re running low, several gas stations are located in the nearby area. On the way in of the venue, you will find a gas station to the East, only 1 minute away from the Venue.

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