National Arena, Bucharest

Bulevardul Basarabia 37-39
Bucharest, 022103

National Arena is SAGA’s new home base. Get to know the area before you arrive!

If you do decide to travel to the festival on your own, please follow the directions below.


The closest subway station is Piața Muncii, located only 10 minutes walking distance away. Other subway stations located in the National Arena’s proximity are Piața Iancului (2.2km away, 20 minutes walking distance) or Titan (2.6 km away, 30 minutes walking distance). The subway will be your fastest way to get to and from the festival.

Public transport

National Arena is much more easily accessible than the previous venue. You can also get to this venue by Bus (104;335), Tram (40;54), or Trolleybus (86;90) 


Venue address: National Arena, Bulevardul Basarabia 37-39, București 022103

Road Restrictions

The following roads will be closed for safety measures:Str. Șerbănică Vasile, Str. Pierre de Coubertin,Str. Maior Ion Coravu,Str. Tony Bulandra, Bd. Basarabia (only the lanes adjacent to the Arena and only if egress requires it)

Also please take note about the public transport deviations:​ trolleybuses deviated from Pierre de Coubertin Roundabout to allow generous space for queueing.


Please rideshare if possible. This will minimize the number of vehicles on the roadways and reduce travel time for everyone due to city’s heavy traffic.

Fuel Up

Even if we don’t recommend using your car, keep your eye on the gas tank! If you’re running low, several gas stations are located in the nearby area. On the way in/out of the venue, you will find a gas station to the West, nearby Piața Muncii (4 minutes away by car), to the East, on Bulevardul Nicolae Grigorescu nr. 2, București 030451 (8 minutes away by car) or to the North, Șoseaua Pantelimon, București 021901 (5 minutes away by car).

Location FAQ

Why changing the venue?

After the massive support you have shown us for the first edition of SAGA Festival, we have decided to move to a bigger and more prestigious home where we can RAVE together again. This new venue will offer us the perfect opportunity to build an even bigger SAGA for you in June 2022. 

Why choose National Arena?

National Arena is the biggest festival venue in Romania, and one of the most spectacular stadiums in Europe. Home to some of the most iconic concerts to ever happen in Bucharest, we have decided to take National Arena to the next level, and host SAGA there. 

Where should I book my hotel?

Since it's s so close to the heart of the city, finding accommodation near the new SAGA venue will not be a problem. We will soon announce partnerships with the most important hotels near National Arena, so before booking your accommodation, it would be best to first check out the SAGA Travel Packages. 

Will SAGA Festival only take place inside the Arena?

No! Only the Source Stage will be inside the stadium. This new venue represents more than just the stadium itself; we will have more than 5 stages with different music genres, and many musical surprises and plenty of space around it. 

Will this new venue mean fewer stages?

No, quite the opposite. You will have even more stages where you can RAVE at SAGA 2022. 

Is this venue the final one for SAGA 2022?

Yes! This will definitely become the home of SAGA Festival. 

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