Welcome to our RAVERS Community 

SAGA is a movement. A movement for people who love electronic music. For people who cross borders. For people who are rebellious & open minded. We are not individuals; we are one group and together. WE ARE SAGA

Express your uniqueness 

Be wild, be different, be free and be yourself! Dont get encumbered by social standards. This is a safe place where you can be you. 

Be an explorer 

This is the opportunity to make this world yours. Visit and explore all the stages and hidden corners of the festival and fully enjoy the experiences especially designed for you. Find hidden places, hidden spots, hidden experiences, just for you and a few others.  

Stay energetic 

Good vibes only! Share your happiness. Smile to everyone you meet – who knows, they might be your next best friends. 

You are one with your surroundings 

You are one with the stage. You are one with the artists. You are one with your surroundings. Keep things beautiful by doing your part. A true raver enjoys the party and takes care of the environment wherever he might be.  

Rave it out 

Live in the moment. Dance without constraints to the rhythm of your soul. Express yourself through dance without restraints and show your best moves. 

We are all friends 

We live to be together. To rave together. We crave for connection, and we take care of each other. 

Embrace new beginnings, embrace change 

Stay open and always curios. Enjoy the unexpectedand participate in the future. 

Rave on

You are part of a community that embraces the future, the tech, raw and underground spirit. You inspire change and we encourage you to keep it going. You also inspire others with your energy so continue to move and shake it. 

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