Calling all SAGA Family! Be the Ultimate Festival Insider with the SAGA Festival Fan Board! 

The Fan Board is your exclusive opportunity to become an advisory board for the Saga 2024 edition organizers themselves. As a SAGA Family member, we value your passion, feedback, and ideas, and we want YOU to have a direct impact on shaping the ultimate SAGA experience! 

Here’s what being a part of the Fan Board means for you: 

  •  Dedicated Meetings: Get ready for epic brainstorming sessions! Our Fan Board meets with the organizers every month to discuss everything SAGA-related. Share your thoughts, suggestions, and help us make this festival truly unforgettable! 
  •  News Breakers: Say goodbye to FOMO!  As a Fan Board member, you’ll be the first to know about all the latest updates, lineup announcements, and exciting surprises for SAGA 2024. Stay ahead of the curve and bragging rights included! 
  •  Your Voice Matters: We believe in the power of our Saga Family community, and we want your voice to be heard! Share your opinions, vote on crucial decisions, and actively participate in making SAGA Festival 2024 the best it can be! 
  • Exclusive Perks: Get ready to feel like our special guest! As a thank you for your dedication, Fan Board members will enjoy special perks, exclusive merchandise, and unique opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. 
  •  Be the Heart of SAGA: Joining the Fan Board means becoming an integral part of the SAGA family. 


Here are two criteria you must meet to become a SAGA Festival Fan Board member:

Passionate Festival Enthusiast: We’re looking for 15 individuals who eat, sleep, and breathe SAGA Festival!  Show us your unwavering passion for music, art, and the festival community. Share your most memorable SAGA experiences and let us know why you believe you would be a valuable addition to the Fan Board.

Active Engagement: Are you an active participant in the SAGA community?  We want Fan Board members who actively engage with fellow festival-goers, share positivity, and contribute constructively to discussions. Show us your dedication to making SAGA Festival an inclusive and welcoming space for all.

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